Psycholinguistics I / II

Current Courses (HT 2024, Oxford)

Graduate Seminar: Linguistic Illusions

Essay writing (Paper A) “masterclass” (W 11, Weeks 1-3)

Graduate Psycholinguistics (1997-2023)

My staple teaching at the University of Delaware (1997-2000) and the University of Maryland (2000-2023) was a two-course core sequence in Psycholinguistics.

These courses covered a lot of material in language acquisition, language processing, and cognitive neuroscience. But the focus was on how to do research, how to identify and tackle interesting research questions, and how to integrate insights from multiple areas. 

The courses involved hands-on activities and intensive discussions. They presuppose no background in experimental research or statistics.

Winter Storm

Winter Storm started as an experiment in 2009, but has since become an annual fixture, ensuring that we don’t get bored during UMD’s Winter break. 


Winter Storm is a 2-week intensive workshop held each January. It was started by the NSF-IGERT program in Language Science (2008-2015), with the goal of bringing together researchers from diverse departments at a less hectic time of the year. It continues under the umbrella of the Language Science Fellows program, funded in part by the NSF-NRT program (2015-2022). It typically serves 70-90 students and faculty from the University of Maryland and beyond. It is a student-led event featuring collaborative peer teaching, brainstorming workshops, diverse faculty presentations, professional development seminars, and “Science is Social” activities.   

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Winter Storm 2021

Winter Storm 2020 

Winter Storm 2019

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Talk Series & Mini-Courses


Psycholinguistics of Grammar: UNL Summer School, July 2016, Lisbon, Portugal.

Psycholinguistics of Grammar: LSA Summer Institute, July 2015, Chicago, IL

Pronouns: Syntax, Semantics, Processing: Higher School of Economics, June 2015, Moscow, Russia

Konkuk University, May 2015, Seoul, Korea

Chinese University of Hong Kong, June 2014, Hong Kong

Walker-Ames lectures, University of Washington, May 2013, Seattle

Masterclass: LOT Summer School, July 2012, Utrecht, Netherlands

Linguistic Illusions: LSA Summer Institute, July 2011, Boulder, CO