College Park parkrun

College Park parkrun

I was a competitive runner for much of my life. My wife, Andrea Zukowski, barely ran a step until she was 49 years old. College Park parkrun is our improbable joint passion project. Since 2016 we have organized around 400 free, weekly 5K run/walk events on a trail in College Park. At first we would see 5-6 people per week. Nowadays 200/week is typical, with close to 500 on Thanksgiving 2023. It has grown into the largest event of its kind in North America. The event has built a healthy community of thousands of community members from all backgrounds, supported by hundreds of volunteers. We have supported teams throughout the US that want to create something similar for their community. The event has won a number of awards for community leadership. I stepped down as Co-Event Director for College Park parkrun on moving to Oxford, but I remain closely involved.

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I ran in my youth, fell off the wagon in my 30s, and then got going again in my 40s. Running keeps me sane. So if I’m injured, watch out.

Picture: London Marathon 2014.

Team Psycho Linguists

Where business meets pleasure. Team Psycho Linguists started in 2011, and now is a regular in the DC Ragnar Relay (200 miles, 36 legs, 12 runners + crew, 28 hours). It’s a race, a military operation, and an all-nighter with cool people, all rolled into one.

Picture: Ragnar Relay 2011

Cycling & Triathlon

Biking is fun too. Especially uphill. Biking + running is most of a triathlon, so I sometimes throw in some abysmal swimming so that I can take part in interesting events.

Picture: Mt Washington Hill Climb 2013.

Vital Statistics

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Favorite events: London Marathon | Azalea Classic 5k |  Ragnar Relay DC | Garrett County Gran Fondo | Seagull Century | Savageman Tri | Columbia Tri

PRs: Marathon: 2:51:49 (2014) | Half: 1:20:20 (2014) | 10M: 59:35 (2014) | 10k: ~34:00 (1988), 37:24 (2013) | 5k: 16:08 (1988), 17:34 (2012) | 800m: 1:58 (1988) | Half Iron: 4:51 (2011) | Olympic: 2:21 (2012)

Team USA, 2013 World Duathlon (M45-49)

Run training: BarryP 1-2-3 plan, sooo simple. Location: Anacostia Tributary Trail System

Bike training: 98% indoors since 2010 crash, love my KK; for special occasions: 3-cities Tour | Catoctin Climbing Ride

Running 2014

Team Psycho Linguists 2013

Cycling & Duathlon 2013

Running 2013

Team Psycholinguists 2012

Savageman 2012

Westernport Wall falls – the fun part

Westernport Wall 2012 – Falls

Making it up myself – fun for me, less fun for you

Westernport Wall 2012 Part 6

Running 2012

Team Psycho Linguists 2011


Cycling 2011-2012

Cycling & Duathlon 2010